What is the best way to make the HCG Shake?

I’ve been asked this question a few times now, so having used the HCG shake for over a year, I decided to pass on my experience. I use the shake not just as part of an HCG diet regimen, but also to help maintain a healthy weight after the HCG diet.

First, I love the shake as cold as I can make it. Once, on a whim, I decided to try the shake with hot water – I was thinking hot chocolate yummy! But that didn’t work out very well. For some reason the flavor that I love cold just didn’t work for me hot. Because of this, I always use ice when I make the shake.

My preferred method of making the HCG Shake is to have my 5th grade daughter do it for me every morning. Hey its so easy even a 5th grader can do it! You can call me lazy, but she loves to make things in the kitchen, and she seem to enjoy making a shake for my wife and me every morning. The basic recipe is simple. First, put a couple of cubes of ice into the blender with just enough cold water to fill the blender up to the 12 ounce mark – I like my shake with more water in it. Then blend the ice and water together. Once the ice and water are being blended together, tap in 1.5 or two scoops (depending on your day’s meal plan) of the HCG Shake powder and about 30 seconds later I have an ice cold shake ready to get me through another morning.

I also often use the shake for lunch. I really believe that planning ahead and making your diet convenient are some of the key components of making any diet work. Sadly, I haven’t found a way take my daughter and a blender to work with me every day :-(. So I had to come up with a solution that works well for me.

I keep a tub of the HCG Shake powder at work in my desk. I used to just stir the shake powder into a glass of water with some ice. The result was ok, but not even close to as good as what my daughter and blender were making for me in the morning. The powder doesn’t dissolve as well if you just stir it, and it tends to clump around the ice. I didn’t want to get rid of the ice because I love the HCG Shake even better when it is ice cold. I went to the big box retailer down the road from my office, and bought a shaker bottle. The bottle was cheap – less than $10 when I got it, and it has a metal spring like ball in it. Turns out that if you shake the powder, water and ice mixture, it mixes very well. I’ve also found that if I add the water and ice before I put the powder into the bottle, it mixes up better than if I put the powder in first. I’m such a fan of the shaker bottles, that I found the company that makes them, and NutraSmart became a retailer for them. You can buy your own shaker bottle right here on our site.

At work (or just in a service station while traveling) I get a few pieces of ice out of the ice machine, put them in the container and then fill it with water. Then I put the lid back on and shake the container (I can even shake it upside down!) to mix the powder into the water. Shaking the container (especially with ice and the mixer ball in it), works very well. I get a smooth, evenly mixed, ice-cold shake. 

When I’m done, I just rinse the container with water and take it home to run through the dishwasher. Its perfect for taking a serving of the HCG Shake on the go.

This method of taking the shake on the go works so well for me, that I also keep one of these containers in my car all the time just in case I end up working late or having some other type of emergency. For me, that is when my diets used to breakdown. If I don’t have an emergency plan it is easy to justify running through that fast-food drive through – its an emergency after all – now my plan includes what to do if there is an emergency. Having a backup shake to get me through it until I can get back home and prepare the right kind of food really makes my meal plans work.

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