Let me tell you about how the HCG meal replacement shake (the best of all meal replacement shakes anywhere as far as I'm concerned) was created. My name is Sephra, and I think I have one of the best dads in the whole world. I'll tell you why. Several years ago, I felt stuck - like I wasn't ever going anywhere. I'll be honest I'd given up on myself and thought I was doomed to feel sick and tired all the time forever. This is me then.

Sephra BeforeI had no energy. I was going nowhere. I knew I had more to give than I was giving. I decided it was time to make a change. I think being fat sucks. People treat you different, and I always felt like people were joking about me behind my back. People used to tell me that I just didn't have any willpower, but that isn't true. Overweight people are the most determined people I know. Everything they do, they have to work harder to overcome the handicap of their extra weight. If you think walking a mile is hard, try it while carrying an extra 100 pounds.

I decided it was time to put my willpower to work making a change. I went to my dad for help. He's worked in the nutritional supplement industry for years, and I figured he'd know how to help me achieve my goals. He did. Dad suggested that I try the HCG diet as a way to lose weight fast without losing muscle mass and suffering some of the negative effects of other diets. I went for it. IT WAS SO HARD!

I'll be honest, I'm not sure how I made it through that first round of HCG. Before my dad came to my rescue, it was so hard! The issue for me wasn't so much the calorie restriction, but it was how incredibly restricted the diet was. How do you stay in that restricted of a diet and have a life? The rest of the world didn't go on pause because I decided to lose some weight. There are still classes I had to attend, work didn't go away, friends and family commitments still had to be met. I read Dr. Simeon's book Pounds and Inches. Did you know he recommended that patients on the HCG diet do it while staying in a clinic where the clinic provides meals, shots and other care. He considered his diet so hard he recommended you do it as a full time patient in a clinic. Really? Do you have 30 days to take off? Maybe that was a realistic thing in the 50's, but I didn't. Get real. No one does.

Back to my awesome dad. While trying to make my way through phase 2, I told my dad that preparing approved meals was taking way too much time and energy. He told me that back in the 50's when Dr. Simeon created the HCG Diet, nutritional science wasn't what it is today. He told me he'd find a meal replacement shake for me to use in phase 2, but spoiler alert - there wasn't a meal replacement shake out there that fit the HCG diet requirements. Nothing he found was formulated to meet the diet requirements. To make matters worse, the meal replacement shakes that were close tasted like sawdust blended in old fryer oil. NASTY!

Sephra NowSo dad, to the rescue. He went to his lab and created the best meal replacement shake ever. And he did it just for me! He formulated his new HCG Meal Replacement shake to meet he super strict requirement of the HCG Diet. It doesn't have any hormones in it. It isn't something you use to avoid drops or shots, but it does meet the dietary requirements of the HCG Diet. This meal replacement shake makes it easier to stick to the diet. It is effective on phase 2 of the HCG diet, and best of all, it tastes great! It was so good, I've used it as a meal replacement shake to keep the weight off even after phase 2.

This is me about a year the photo above. I've done HCG a couple of times and used the HCG meal replacement shake