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The quick start kit contains everything you need to jump start your weight loss, and you get it all at a 15% discount.

Metabolic Quick Start Shake

A thick, delicious meal replacement shake formulated using scientifically studied ingredients that support weight management and normal blood sugar levels.

- Healthy Protein Blend
- Garcinia Cambogia
- Green Coffee Bean Extract
- Chromium GTF
- Raspberry Keytones
- Fiber
- 5-HTP
- Forskolin Extract
- Complete Vitamin Complex

The ingredients of this shake support 5 Key Weight Management Areas

Metabolism Management:
Keeping high quality fuel available to your body at the right time helps you maintain healthy metabolic activity.

Emotional Understanding:

Understand that there are underlying issues that have helped you form unhealthy habits. Work to change those habits.


Detoxification is an important part of any weight management program. As the body begins to lose weight it is important to support its efforts through supplementation.


Certain foods help increase the bodys ability to burn calories. Non-stimulant, thermogenic ingredients support your bodys sustained calorie burning.

Control - Appetite & Environment:

By planning ahead you can control your appetites. Understand your food environment and develop strategies to develop better control. Available in two flavors.

Fortifying Vital Fiber™

  • Soluble Fiber
  • Pre & Probiotic Blend
  • Bacullis Cogulans
  • Energy Support

Fortifying Vital Fiber™ has been formulated using scientifically studied, high quality ingredients in the proper ratios that form synergistic blends to support the normal vital functions performed by the digestive system throughout the body.

The digestive system uses more energy than any other vital system in your body. Many people do not realize how often low energy can be linked to poor or inefficient digestion. A healthy digestive system may be supported by many of the nutritional ingredients found inFortifying Vital Fiber™.

When you have a healthy digestive system it supports true energy productionnutrient absorption and proper waste eliminationFortifying Vital Fiber™ may help to maintain ahealthy digestive system which is one important thing you can do to support your efforts to manage and maintain a healthy weight.

When taken while following the Smart Biotics™ Diet Program, Fortifying Vital Fiber™ may help provide support for the liver, and GI tract health.

Fortifying Vital Fiber™ mixes easy in 8 ounces of water and has a great tasting berry flavor. We suggest that you mix yourself a glass of Fortifying Vital Fiber™ and drink it with your afternoon meal, or you can have a glass before your morning and afternoon meals.

Dieter’s Detox™

  • Liver Support
  • Detoxifying
  • GI Support

Helps your body manage everyday toxins from:

  • The foods we eat
  • Environmental Toxins from the air we breathe and the world we live in
  • Bacterial toxins from the surfaces we touch

Dieter’s Detox™ Herbal formula is intended to provide nutritive support to assist your body’s natural cleaning systems to eliminate built up toxins.

Our world is filled with toxins. Unlike past generations, modern life brings us into contact with toxins on a daily basis.  The air we breathe is filled with exhaust fumes, particulates and the airborne waste of factories from New York to Tokyo. The water we drink and the foods we eat are often processed with additives that may stress our bodies.  Also the surfaces we touch all bring toxins into our bodies.  As we gain weight, these toxins are naturally stored in our bodies.

When we begin managing our weight with proper diet, exercise, and nutrition our bodies will naturally begin to detoxify. As weight is lost, the body’s natural detoxification systemscan become overwhelmed by increased toxins. If left unprocessed, these toxins recirculatethrough the body making you not feel well.

Using some of the best detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients SmartBiotics’s™ has formulated Dieter’s Detox™ to assist your body’s natural cleaning systems to eliminate built up toxins.

When taken while following the Smart Biotics™ Diet Program, Dieter’s Detox™ may help provide support for the liver, and GI tract health.

Energy & Appetite™

  • Sustained Energy
  • Appetite Levels
  • Craving Control

Energy & Appetite™ has been formulated to support your energy needs while helping to maintain normal appetite levels. Sometimes that little extra support may make all the difference.

Are you one of the millions of people every day who finds themselves at midday with more day left at the end of your energy?  Every day so many people just don't have the energy to exercise or get up and move. They don't exercise, and so they decide it doesn't matter if they eat right...maybe tomorrow will be different... they don't eat right… so they don't have any energy to exercise when tomorrow rolls around...this leads them to... not having the energy to exercise… and the cycle starts all over again. It doesn’t take very much of this cycle and suddenly you're out of shape, overweight, unhealthy and always feeling tired and yucky! When you look in the mirror, you don't recognize the person looking back at you.

SmartBiotics™ uses scientifically studied, high quality ingredients in exact ratios andsynergistic combinations to formulate Energy and Appetite™.

Having the energy to exercise more is important to any weight management program.  Many people experience appetite spikes and cravings when they increase their activity level which may lead to binge eating which doesn't help overcome a weight problem. A supplement to help control appetite may be an important part of managing your healthy lifestyle and becoming the best you possible.

When taken while following the Smart Biotics™ Diet Program, Energy & Appetite™ may support your energy needs and help maintain normal appetite levels.

SmartBiotics is … Intelligent Living.

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