PRA Ultimate Stress Relief

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A synergistic blend of the world’s best botanicals!

Studied by 1,200 scientists, researched for over 40 years, PRA has been evaluated through 3,200 double blind placebo controlled studies involving over 500,000 people.

PRA represents the most researched stress formula available anywhere.

Beat Stress with PRA

Research indicates that 70 to 80 percent of all illness can be attributed to stress. Stress is a major killer in the modern world. Physical and mental stress depletes the immune system, weakens the body’s ability to recover and robs us of a quality life.

Adaptogens are natural botanical plant extracts which helps combat the negative effects of stress, improve health and well being and enhance the bodies’ ability to cope effectively with both mental and physical stress.

Of the thousands of plants found in nature, only a very few qualify as Adaptogens. The Adaptogens used in the PRA, synergistic blends represent the “best of the best” that nature has to offer.

PRA works at the cellular level to help fight the battle against stress by triggering an anabolic condition within the cell. PRA keeps our bodies in a building, regeneration mode while resisting the breakdown and fatigue associated with stress.

  • Reduce the damaging effects of stress
  • Fight the fatigue associated with stress
  • Reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels
  • Enhance mood & brain function
  • Fight stress at the cellular level
  • Cope with stressful situations
  • Achieve deep & restful sleep
  • Restore normal homeostasis
  • Protect vital organs from stress
  • Normalize the processes of the central nervous system and hormonal systems
  • Generate more zest for life Develop a feeling of well being
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