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Our proprietary PRA formula combines the most effective Adaptogens in a unique blend to help support the body during times of stress, changes, and daily challenges. Adaptogens have been used for years around the world as a revitalizing supplement to help restore balance and harmony when the body’s balance has been disturbed.

An Adaptogen is neither a stimulant nor a steroid. Adaptogens help the body “adapt” to physical and psychological crisis and changes. According to Mikael Wahlstrom (in his book, Adaptogens), “Adaptogens are unique nutrients…they correct disorders by instructing the body to do so. Adaptogens are the greatest weapons against the modern scourge of stress.”

Benefits from Adaptogens
The biologically active components (phytonutrients) in the PRA Adaptogenic formula helps the body to:

  • Speed up recovery, and eliminate fatigue after physical and mental activity
  • Increase energy, stamina, physical strength, and muscle tone
  • Support immune function, especially under stress
  • Enhance physical and mental capacity and work productivity
  • Improve the ability to cope and adapt under all kinds of stressful conditions
  • Improve attitude, better focus and concentration, better moods, less anxiety, and anti-fatigue
  • Minimize the damaging effects of chemicals, drugs, pollutants, etc.
  • Reduce craving for unhealthy foods (fats, sugars)
  • Stimulate the biosynthesis of protein and RNA in all of the major organs of the body, including muscle tissue
  • Boosts body metabolism
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