We ship via the USPS and FedEx. Our products are bulky, and we ship them at cost through whichever provider offers the best deal. You will receive an email from us with tracking information giving the carriers expected delivery times and package progress. Tracking data is often not updated immediately when the tracking label is printed. We receive many questions from our customers about their package not being visible in the tracking system even though they’ve received a tracking number from us. This is simply due to slow tracking updates on the carriers part. Typically the tracking information will be updated within 24 hours of you receiving the tracking number.

Our products are available in different retail outlets such as mall kiosks, weight loss clinics and retail stores. You might be able to find the product locally and skip the shipping altogether. If you can’t find the products locally, have your favorite retailer send us an email. We’re always happy to set up a new outlet!

All government import fees are the responsibility of the recipient. We will not lie about the contents of an international package.