Dr. Simeon’s Protocol

Dr. Simeon’s Protocol is a very brilliant piece, but as we’ve stated before it is somewhat dated. If you look carefully at the diet, you’ll notice it is based on the 4 food groups”as if you must have a piece of dry tasteless bread from the grain group before the program will work (you don’t). The 4 food groups are decades out of date according to nutritionists. Even though the weight loss diet is still sound, based on the recommendation for protein, vegetables and limited carbohydrates, it is a hard program to follow – especially when there is no breakfast other than a little liquid.

We’ve found that when someone has a 122 calorie (or less depending on their meal plan for the day) HCG Shake (specially formulated for the HCG diet) they are much more energized and able to function normally. Most of the time when people skip breakfast as recommended, they drag through the day (this is personal experience talking here!).

To hit the HCG calorie goal many of our customers use a shake in the morning, take another shake for either lunch or dinner and eat an HCG compliant meal for the other meal of the day. You can also spread your shakes out during the day by making 1/2 servings and drinking them more frequently. Some days to add variety, they do one shake and two HCG compliant meals splitting the calories between the two meals. In over 7 years of designing and selling our shake, we’ve never had anyone report the shake as not helping them reach their expected weight loss. Your results may vary.

I think everyone knows people who dropped out of HCG diet because they were unable to function on the old-fashioned diet with very limited meal options. After all, in his original diet plan, Dr. Simeon required most people to stay in his clinic if they wanted to do the HCG diet. I can’t imagine too many people today having a month available to hang out in a weight loss clinic!

Get with the program! HCG is a great diet tool but Simeon’s Protocol can benefit from some modern convenience. Try adding the HCG Shake to your day and see how much easier HCG can be.

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