Sephra’s Story

Hey, let me tell you my story.

Being Fat sucks.

People treat you different, they joke about you behind your back and they seem to think that you have no will power. We know that’s not the case, fat people are some of the most determined people I know. After all, whatever we do, we get it done with the handicap of being fat. Anyway, I have tried to lose weight my entire life, but until I had the right tools, it just didn’t work. What finally worked was using the HCG Shake along with Vital Fiber . Of course I had to be careful what went into my mouth and a moderate exercise program helped to speed things up. What I’m saying is that using the right tools in my case, the HCG Shake along with Vital Fiber jump started and helped me to maintain my consistent weight loss for more than a year. You need these tools, they really help. Look at me now. I am healthier, happier and in control of the way I look and feel.

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What is the best way to make the HCG Shake?

I’ve been asked this question a few times now, so having used the HCG shake for over a year, I decided to pass on my experience. I use the shake not just as part of an HCG diet regimen, but also to help maintain a healthy weight after the HCG diet.

First, I love the shake as cold

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Dr. Simeon’s Protocol

Dr. Simeon’s Protocol is a very brilliant piece, but as we’ve stated before it is somewhat dated. If you look carefully at the diet, you’ll notice it is based on the 4 food groups”as if you must have a piece […]

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