So, whats in the HCG Shake?



The most asked question we get in our email is what’s in your HCG Shake? To save us lots of time, I’ve decided to post our HCG Shake’s Nutritional Fact right here in the blog. As you can see, Read more

What is the best way to make the HCG Shake?

I’ve been asked this question a few times now, so having used the HCG shake for over a year, I decided to pass on my experience. I use the shake not just as part of an HCG diet regimen, but also to help maintain a healthy weight after the HCG diet.

First, I love the shake as cold Read more

Dr. Simeon’s Protocol

Dr. Simeon’s Protocol is a very brilliant piece, but as we’ve stated before it is somewhat dated. If you look carefully at the diet, you’ll notice it is based on the 4 food groups”as if you must have a piece of dry tasteless bread from the grain group before the program will work (you don’t). The 4 food groups are decades out of date according to nutritionists. Even though the weight loss diet is still sound, based on the recommendation for protein, vegetables and limited carbohydrates, it is a hard program to follow – especially when there is no breakfast other than a little liquid. Read more