About Us

This blog is operated by NutraSmart, LLC. It is dedicated to helping people have a better HCG Diet experience. We have found the HCG Diet to be a great way to lose weight, but the actual food allowed on the diet is so restrictive that many people fail to stick to it.

Mark B. and his daughter Sephra did the the full HCG protocol, and lost lots of weight, but the diet was so restrictive that the diet was hard to stick to. They felt that if he could have a meal replacement shake that met all the HCG requirements it would help them stick to the diet. With their busy lifestyle (and who isn’t busy in today’s world?), it was very difficult for them to be able to make and take appropriate HCG meals every day. With decades of experience in the nutritional supplements field, Mark decided to find a meal replacement shake that would fit all the HCG meal requirements. After examining the market, Mark found nothing available, so he decided to formulate a shake specifically for the HCG Diet. The result is the HCG Shake. This shake is available from this site as well as from www.nutrasmartonline.com.

The HCG Shake meets all HCG requirements, it is delicious, and its very easy to take with you.  Instead of making a meal and packing it in your lunch box, all you need is two scoops of the shake powder, a cup, water and some ice. What could be easier? Now when fast food cravings strike, you can make a quick delicious chocolate shake and still stay true to the HCG plan.


Your safety and security is our top priority. To make sure that you’re shopping experience is secure, we take several steps to protect your personal information on the HCGShake.com. We do collect some personal information from our customers in order to process orders. This information is transmitted to our servers by way of an encrypted link – the same level of encryption that banks use to protect their online transactions. We do not store credit card information on our servers. We believe that your security is worth the hassle of having to reenter your credit card information whenever you purchase from us. We process credit card payments through Authorize.net (one of the largest online credit card payment processors in business) as well as PayPal. Each of these companies has years of experience securely processing credit card payments and keeping financial transactions secure. Because we transfer you to their secure sites to complete the actual payment, your credit card information never even passes through our hands.


We ship via USPS Priority Mail and UPS. Orders are shipped within two days of being placed on our site (usually next day). We use Priority Mail whenever it is economical to do so. Our experience is that Priority Mail is often much faster than UPS Ground.


As with all diets, you should consult your physician before doing a round of HCG. You should also talk to your physician before using any diet product. Our HCG Shake is actually sold in some medical offices, but every person’s diet needs are different, and you should consult with your physician before starting a diet and exercise regimen.