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So, whats in the HCG Shake?

HCG-Choc-SuppPanel-Web-414 The most asked question we get in our email is what’s in your HCG Shake? To save us lots …
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Sephra’s Story

I changed my life and you can too. Just take a look at these pictures about one year apart! …
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What is the best way to make the HCG Shake?

I’ve been asked this question a few times now, so having used the HCG shake for over a year, I …
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Dr. Simeon’s Protocol

Dr. Simeon’s Protocol is a very brilliant piece, but as we’ve stated before it is somewhat dated. If you look …
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Who are we?
A couple of years ago, some friends who needed to lose more than a few pounds got together and talked about their different weight loss experiences and goals. Their different experiences and talents led to the creation of a new weight loss company called NutraSmart, LLC. We now have several websites dedicated to helping people lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

New Sample Packs Available

You’ve asked for these over and over, and we listening to our customers! You can now try our shakes before you buy a full tub. We love the taste, but we know people’s tastes differ from person to person. Now you can try it for yourself!

Each sample pack contains three one serving packs of the HCG Shake for you to sample. Simply mix the shake with 8-12 ounce of very cold water (and a couple of pieces of ice is you like), blend and enjoy.

We offer sample packs for each flavor, or you can order the mixed sample pack and try all of the shakes.

The HCG Diet & The HCG Shake

Several of our original NutraSmart team had a good experience losing weight with the HCG Diet in the past, but none of them liked trying to fit the diet into a normal lifestyle. One of our team members had decades of experience formulating nutritional supplements and diet aides. We tasked him with creating the perfect meal replacement shake for the HCG Diet. After thousands of dollars and almost a year of development, the result was the NutraSmart HCG Shake.
In addition to its rich creamy chocolate flavor, The HCG Shake is the perfect meal replacement for the HCG Diet. The shake has:

  • High Protein (whey and chickpea protein) and low fat
  • 7 grams of fiber per serving
  • 50% of the US recommended daily allowance of 23 vitamins and minerals in each serving
  • Fat-burning Polyphenols
  • High-grade hoodia for appetite control

The HCG Shake is also easy to fit into your daily lifestyle. Unlike many foods that fit the HCG diet profile, you can easily take the shake with you for lunch wherever your busy life takes you (for information on our favorite ways to prepare the HCG Shake see this blog post). We believe that the HCG Shake will help make your diet easier to live with.

Other Products

Since the development of the HCG Shake, we have also found several other products that help with weight loss. You can find our other products here.